21 January 2011
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Kristin Edwards

Credit card fraud has affected a quarter of adults in the UK, a new report has claimed. The annual Card Fraud Index published by life assistance company CPP found that 13 million people have now been hit by card fraud, although 2010 did see a three per cent drop in the number of card fraud incidences.

The study revealed that Brighton was the worst affected area of the UK for credit card fraud, with 38 per cent admitting that they had been a victim, followed by London with 34 per cent, Manchester with 33 per cent, Bristol and Leeds with 32 per cent and Edinburgh having 31 per cent. However, the amount of people who had experienced card fraud in the previous 12 months did fall from 10 per cent to seven per cent.

The report also showed that most victims of card fraud had the magnetic strip on their card cloned at an ATM or using a chip and PIN machine, with many also being swindled through fraudsters using the internet to steal card details.

However, it was also found that 33 per cent of card fraud victims were not aware they had been affected, 34 per cent were told by their bank, a further six per cent found out when they were refused cash at an ATM, while six per cent found out when their card was refused in a shop. The average amount stolen by card fraud was reported to be GBP417.

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